Historia chronicles

Book 1 Ch2

Annie are you ok?

Bryonidas first task after being hired by Phantom Cross was to investigate a robbery.

Annie, a maidservant for a local noble house, had been attacked and some valuables had been stolen.

Arriving on the scene the morning after, Bryonidas and his official guild liason assistants, Fiz, Artee, and Deva, proceeded to investigate every room where something had been stolen.

During the search they encountered a locked door. Deva disabled the lock and the party rushed in catching the last glimpse of someone fleeing out the window.

Unable to see the fleeing man but sounding confident nonetheless, Fiz shouted out the window, “I see you up there!”

This must have startled the man as he promptly lost his footing, fell to the walkway below, and died.

Much to our heroes chagrin the fallen dead boy turned out to be the noble woman’s son.

Unsure of his precise motives the party spun a convincing tale of deceit and romance, implicating both Annie and an unnamed goblin menace.

The case of the theft solved rather abruptly and somewhat tragically, Bryonidas and crew returned to Phantom Cross for another assignment.



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