Historia chronicles


Zell, tired of dealing with the meddling adventurers, drew a rapier blade with snakes wrapped around the hilt and pulsing with red and green energy. Fiz wasted no time turning on his invisibility field and sidestepping toward the boy, encasing him in ice without a sound or movement.

Before the spell effect could activate and teleport the boy away, Zell cast anti-magic field and jumped through the battlefield, suppressing Fiz’s invisibility and stopping the ice crystal teleport dead in its tracks. Finry kicked his boar and quickly darted through the room out of the field, followed closely by Carson.

Fiz attempted to cast through the anti-magic field and escape but could not act quickly enough and was struck down by Zell, nearly dead.

Finry attacked and healed from outside the anti-magic field with Carson at his side. Bryonidas and Sascha attempted to surround Zell, watching helplessly as the wizard fell.

The battle raged for several tense seconds before Zell finally spoke, “Enough of this.” and immediately the party was surrounded by empty darkness though they seemed to stand firm within a forcefield of sorts.

Looking back at them, in front of Zell, were shadow copies of themselves. Fiz’s copy matched him as he lie on the ground barely alive.

Finry charged forward first and launched another attack/heal combo but the shadow clones were not evil and so did not take any damage. Shadow Finry mimicked his move, and Sascha followed springing forward in an attempt to kill the shadow Fiz. Before she could get to him he cast Phantasmal Killer at Bryonidas which thankfully he shrugged off. The real Fiz, revived by Finry’s magic, cast mislead and found a safe spot next to Carson, unbeknownst to her.

Carson’s Eidolon first attacking the shadow clone of Carson backed off just before the invisible Fiz interrupted the shadow clone’s summon attack with black tentacles. The eidolon stepped backward and attempted to assist the flanked Byronidas. Sascha too moved to assist the outnumbered Bryonidas when Zell suddenly stumbled, having fumbled the concentration on the spell effect the shadow clones vanished, revealed to be nothing more than creations of Zell.

Quickly Bryonidas, Sascha, Finry, and Carson’s Eidolon surrounded Zell, attacking relentlessly until he finally fell. He uttered the last words, “I will return…..fear….the army.” Before vanishing completely. As he vanished Fiz recognized the magic as astral projection and informed the party that Zell was never here, perhaps not even inside the barrier.

With no way to free themselves from Zell’s magic they waited for the spell to end, approximately 2 and a half hours later returning them to the boys house where he was still encased, frozen in ice.

Unfortunately due to Zell’s anti-magic field still being present the teleportation effect never activated and the boy had frozen to death while still inside Fiz’s ice crystal spell. Noticing that once again he had taken life without meaning to, Fiz reassured himself the blame ultimately lied with Zell.



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